Although old forms of marketing haven’t completely gone out of style just yet, it’s obvious what has begun to reign supreme: social media and other online tactics. One of the most popular social media marketing websites is Facebook. Having a Facebook means big things for many companies, and many good clients can come from have a presence on social media websites. However, some people would rather cause harm to a company than support it, and they post detrimental commentary on business walls. You may not be able to control the people who post these comments, but you can certainly do something about it.

Use the Opportunity to Show off Your Customer Service Skills

So someone says something mean about your company on your wall. It’s rude, but it’s understandable. Maybe they had a bad interaction with a representative of yours, or they had trouble contacting you when they needed you. While we do our best to please everyone, we don’t. But the person who posted on your wall has also presented you an opportunity to show others how good your customer service is. When others read that comment, it’s likely they’ll read your reply as well. Make sure you present that disgruntled customer with the best customer service possible, right there on your Facebook wall.

Delete It

If the comment is simply too rude, not relevant to your business, or is just spam, you have the choice to delete the comment instead. Though you don’t want to just delete all of your negative feedback, certain comments can be banished from your Facebook without a second thought. No one wants to come to your website and read about purses for sale for $11.99 when you’re a company who sells lawn care equipment.

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